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Aging Services, Inc. is a vital organization, comprised of a compassionate staff, dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of older adults in Indiana County by providing opportunities to enhance their social, physical and mental skills utilizing our various programs.

To contact Aging Services, Inc., call 724-349-4500 or 1-800-442-8016. You can visit our offices at 1055 Oak Street in Indiana.
OPEN ACOUSTIC JAM SESSIONS ARE HELD every FIRST & THIRD MONDAYS FROM 10 am until 12 Noon The Jam Sessions are open to the public and you are invited to attend as a musician (all ages & skill levels welcome), audience member or toe tapper! More information: (724) 459-5251. Members of the band that recently played for a center event pictured here are (left to right): Jim Altman, Mary Lou Shumaker, April Phillippi, Jim Kitzmiller and Jan Altman.

PEER GRADUATION at Hillsdale Rehabilitation & Nursing Facility

Read more about the PEER program HERE!

Pictured with Graduation Caps on their heads: (L to R around the table)

PEER GRADUATES: Pat Wallen, Helen Rager, Ruth Bowser, Peggy Hilliard, (man standing in black) Jerome King, Lorene Griffith, Frank Yanche and Rose Schierer
Aging Services, Inc. & State Ombudsman Officials – In Background: (L to R) Larry Rodack (Volunteer Ombudsman), Dorrie Taylor (PA State Office of the Long Term Care Ombudsman), Roxann Tyger (Volunteer Ombudsman) and Debbie Gressley (Lead Ombudsman)
Absent from photo: Katie Solley


Upcoming Events
Saltsburg Breakfast 

Open Painting

Senior Employment Caregiver Support  Elder Abuse Awareness



PEERs Graduate at the Julia Pound Care Center (St. Andrew’s Village), Nov. 13 (11 am) The Indiana County Area Agency on Aging conducted PEER training sessions at the Julia Pound Care Center located in Indiana, PA. The PEER program encourages a partnership between residents and facility staff to work together to solve concerns before they become more intense problems. The PEER program trains resident advocates to work with facilities, staff, and residents to enhance quality of care and quality of life for their “peers.” The program was initiated by the Pennsylvania State Long-Term Care Ombudsman’s Office in an effort to assist long-term care residents in volunteering their time and expertise to self-advocate issues that will resonate for their peers. PEER program participants attend five two-hour training sessions which include topics such as “The Focus in on YOU,” “Building Self-Resolution Skills,” and “PEER the Sky’s the Limit.” There is also a two-hour session for facility staff to orient them to the PEER concept. Following the completion of the training sessions, the PEER participants have a graduation ceremony to celebrate the accomplishment of completing the program. The PEERs are awarded with a certificate, a starfish pin, a door sign, and a badge. On Nov. 13, 2015 there were 9 graduates from the PEER Program at St. Andrew’s Village. The graduation ceremony took place at St. Andrew’s Village Living and Learning Center on Nov. 13, 2015. For more information, please contact Debra Gressley with the Indiana County Area Agency on Aging at 724-349-4500.

The Graduates: Left to right, back row, Carol Findley (volunteer ombudsman), Debra Gressley (long-term care ombudsman) Charles "Coach" Klausing, David Frick, Sally Abrams, Jane Reese, Lois Cox, Wendy Vennard (Administrator of Village House); front row, Frank Yoders, Dorothy Mosbaugher, Clarence "Sparky" Spark and Pauline Strench.




Are you 60 years of age or older, have arthritis, or need to get more exercise but don’t know where to start?  


Let’s not forget the Aquatic Aerobics Classes.  How about joining the Water Aerobics Classes Aging Services, Inc. has? You don’t have to know how to swim because the hour long class consists of aerobics exercises done in the water.   Classes are conducted by a trained instructor.


Water aerobics is an excellent form of exercise for those who suffer from joint pain.  As we age, our need for physical activity is important.  It increases our range of motion, strengthens our cardiovascular system, aids in weight control, and boosts our immune system.


Cost per class is only $4.00.   For more details, or to sign up today, call Aging Services, Inc. at (724) 349-4500 or 1-800-442-8016.

National Employ Older Workers Week

Aging Services, Inc. will celebrate National Employ Older Workers Week September 18 through 24. On Wednesday, September 21st a special celebration, followed by cake and ice cream, will be held to honor their own employees, and to recognize in home services workers who found work in the community through the Senior Employment Program at Aging Services, Inc. This year, some of the people receiving the services and care from the in home services workers will share in the celebration, and have the opportunity to tell others what the Senior Employment Program means to them and their independence.

In home services workers provide essential services to the elderly in Indiana County who want to maintain independence in their own homes, but need some assistance. These older workers provide caregiving, housekeeping, transportation to doctors, and minor home maintenance and repair.

More than half of the staff employed at ASI is over the age of 55. This year 8 more staff members will be presented a gift of appreciation for their dedication to the agency and the older citizens of this county that they serve.

ASI employees being recognized are: Gene Bellman, Joe Bellman, Bob Bowser, Debi Gressley, Betty Hovland, Margaret Kupchella, Stephen Thomas, and Sandi Townsend. National Employ Older Workers Week is celebrated each year in September all over the country to honor these special people. If you know an older worker, why not tell them how much you appreciate them?

National Employ Older Workers Week is celebrated each year in September all over the country to honor these special people. If you know an older worker, why not tell them how much you appreciate them?

Aging Services Videos (Just Click on the Title!)
Aging Services: INDIANA SOCIAL CENTER Super Supper ~ Sept. 2016
The Indiana Social Center, 1001 Oak Street, Indiana, held a Super Supper recently with a Chicago in the 1920’s Theme, complete with flappers, gangsters and even a ’speak easy,’ complete with password! Approximately 70 people attended. Setting the mood for the evening, was the 1931 Ford that was parked out front of the center. The car is owned by Chip and Cindy Chappell. The Peacock Lounge featured music by Pianist Keith Young, retired IUP Music Professor. Prior to that Keith played in the Air Force Band for 20 years! The Lounge Singer was IUP Music Professor, Laura Ferguson, who kept everyone entertained. Dinner was served in the 10th Street CafĂ© and everyone was having a fantastic time until the ’speak easy’ was ’raided.’ Acting as the officer in charge of the ’fake raid’ was Indiana Borough Policeman Mike Rayko. A great time was had by everyone! Our many thanks to everyone who helped in anyway at all to make this evening a huge success! We could not have done it without you!
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