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Read the IRMC statement on contract negotiations
Several IRMC Nurses set up an informational picket this morning in response to the ongoing negotiations between the Hospital and the nurses union. The nurses union, represented by the Indiana Registered Nurses Association/PSEA Healthcare has been involved in contract negotiations with IRMC since last October, and talks in recent months have involved a mediator from the Federal Mediation and Concillation Service. We had received word that the Nurses Union planned their informational picket on IRMC Drive, but it was called off because it would have been an illegal picket.  The Nurses’ Assocation would have to provide the hospital with 10 days notice before they could picket on hospital ground.  The IRNA has moved their informational picket to Downtown Indiana. Katherine Wolfe, of the Indiana Registered Nurses Association said the association could not vote on the recent offer from IRMC because the Association’s leadership was against the proposal. Many of the concerns that the Nurses Association says that IRMC has failed to address includes decreasing the number of sick days, the freezing of pensions, and the lack of fixed nurse-to-patient ratios.   Nurses picketing on Philadelphia Street in Indiana In response to today's events, IRMC has released the following statement: "We ...
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Center Township Supervisors voted to give Sheetz an extension in time for their request to transfer a liquor license into the township.   Hours before their meeting last night, Center Township Supervisors received the request to tack on an additional 60 days on top of the 45 day period that the township had to make a decision on whether or not to allow a liquor license to be brought in to the township from Creekside to the Sheetz near Homer City.  Supervisors Chairman John Bertolino said that after hearing a lot of the negative reaction at the public hearing, Sheetz was worried that the resolution might not be passed. Bertolino said that this decision has been on his mind since Thursday night, and he said he not only understands the government side of things, but also the concerns of small business owners.   The latest the Supervisors have to make a decision is in late July.
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Indiana Borough’s five-year authorization of a Business Improvement District – known as "BID"- will expire this year and come up for renewal in August.  Downtown Indiana Incorporated says an ad-hoc committee consisting of council members, business owners, and Downtown Indiana board members and staff has been formed to facilitate the process, and surveys were sent yesterday to all parcel owners to gather input from business owners on the current BID.      The surveys are due back to Downtown Indiana by May 13th.  The ordinance establishing the BID, which is a cooperative agreement between the borough and Downtown Indiana, was enacted on August 2nd, 2011.  It required approval by sixty percent of downtown property owners and mandatory participation by all businesses.  The property owners are each assessed $15.40 per linear foot of the property along a front street and $7.70 along side streets.  The 142 parcels in the BID generate about $118,000 in assessments to pay for landscaping and sidewalk maintenance, curbside snow removal, grant writing, marketing, and strategic planning.
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There is a little more information today on the impending demolition of Keith Hall at IUP.  The university says that when Keith comes down, which will happen this month, McCarthy Hall will also be demolished.  McCarthy, which has been closed for the past three years, formerly was used for student housing.    The groundbreaking for the North Dining Commons, which will be erected in the space now occupied by Keith Hall, is scheduled for Thursday.  The new dining hall will also house IUP’s main bakery and central commissary, and will include an enclosed porch for dining and a fireplace area. The North Dining Commons is the third and final phase of a $37 million Dining Innovations Plan at IUP that also included the construction of the Crimson Café, the renovation of Folger Dining Hall, and the retirement of Foster Hall.  
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Star Wars masks lead to arrests
A man and woman fromAlleghenyCountyhave been arrested for last Thursday’s robbery of the Keystone Pharmacy in New Alexandria, and for another pharmacy robbery in West Deer Township, in Allegheny County.   65-year-old Stephan Corrick of Harmar and 51-year-old Dana Shipley, who has no permanent address but was staying with Corrick, are charged with multiple counts of robbery, aggravated assault, theft, receiving stolen property, and terroristic threats. Police recovered a .32 caliber handgun and numerous bottles of pills.   The case broke when a Drug Enforcement Administration agent noted the similarities between the New Alex robbery and the one in West Deer, in which each robber wore Star Wars masks of the character “Kylo Ren”.  The masks are sold at Target, so Agent Vijay Nemani and his fellow investigators checked records for area Target stores and found video of Corrick buying two masks at the Target in Harmar Township.  Corrick was known to Harmar police and was quickly tracked down. He reportedly admitted that the handcuffs they used on two employees in the robbery in New Alex were bought at an adult bookstore in Murrysville and he and Shipley stripped the pink fur off of them.   Both Corrick and Shipley ...
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