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The Penns Manor Board of Directors heard some presentation last night, including a description and demonstration from BOTS IQ (a robot engineering club) as well as an update on a proposal that would allow a wrestling co-op between Penns Manor and Marion Center.

The BOTS IQ club came bearing their weaponized robot, which will go up against other robots in a last man (or robot) standing competition. Acting superintendent Daren Johnston says that is a great opportunity for students to learn about different subjects in a way that truly interests them.

BOTS IQ advisor and engineering teacher, Scott Lowry, says this is the second year that Penns Manor is taking part in the competition. Penns Manor is the only school district within Indiana County that takes part in it so far. The team consists of all senior boys:  Fred Kirsch, Brock Carrick and Jake Lieb. Lowry has been working at Penns Manor for 18 years.



George Tate and others from the Penns Manor Wrestling Boosters came to speak about a proposal that would allow Penns Manor to join a co-op with Marion Center, therefore letting students compete in ways that they can’t currently. The board said that they have considered it, but were hoping that the co-op would drop the cost, $836 per athlete, to something more reasonable, even though that cost would be to the parents and not to the district itself. Tate, however, says parents would likely rather pay the cost than wait longer.




Sportsmanship awards were also given to the following at the meeting:

Mike Reilly, district athletic director

Justin Lamantia, junior high coach

Alaina Peterman, 9th grade player

Christina Brendlinger, 11th grade player

Becca Bowser, junior varsity coach

Jason Miloser, varsity coach

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